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Winnica Janowice


Our vineyard was established in the Spring of 2013.


Our vineyard is situated in Janowice, near Tarnow (Poland), on a beautiful hillside with south – west exposure. The climate here is perfect for cultivating classic wine varietals – vitis vinifera (pinot noir, chardonnay, siegerrebe, auxerrois), as well as hybrids (rondo, regent, solaris, johanniter, seyval blanc), while the breathtaking view of Dunajec Valley makes our vineyard one of the most picturesque one in Poland.


Wine is our passion and we take care of the whole wine making process ourselves, from planting the grapevines till corking the bottles. In 2016 we finalised procedures necessary for legalising the vineyard in Poland and we also secured the liquor license as well as the varietal wine certificate. We’ve also recently joined The Lesser Poland Wine Trail, initiative focused on supporting the recovery of wine making tradition in our region. We offer a wide range of attractions: wine tasting, classical and jazz music live. Once a year in August we organise an international music festival - Vitis Music Sfera Festival, the only such event during which musicians from different countries perform on the hill of the vineyard.


Wines from Dunajec Valley

The vineyard is currently 1 ha. in area, but we are planning to expand it in the following years. The spot is perfect for planting and harvesting grapevines – we are not the only vineyard in the vicinity, our closest neighbour is Winnica Uroczysko. We hope that you will enjoy the wines from Dunajec Valley and that in years to come the hills of Janowice will be covered in grapevines.

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